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Business and Real Estate Sales

Dorko Wealth & Estate Planning provides legal and financial solutions to clients contemplating an important transaction.

Contact us if you are:

  • A Seller of a highly appreciated asset (Real Estate or Business) wanting to legally reduce your capital gains tax.
  • An executor or Trustee dealing with an Estate and Trust Administration.
  • A Commercial Real Estate Agent or Business Broker with sellers who need tax reduction strategies.

As lead attorney, Jeff Dorko utilizes his 30 years of experience, his advanced law degree in taxation and MBA in Finance to provide you with thoughtful legal guidance and advanced tax savings strategies.

We are happy to work along with your current professional CPA, financial advisor, and business attorney.

Tax planning options for Sellers

  • Cash out. You take the sale proceeds and pay a combined capital gains tax of over 26%. (Federal rate 20%, PA rate 3.07%, Net Investment Tax 3.8%.)
  • Installment Sale. The buyer agrees to pay you over time. The main risk is that the Buyer will default on the payments.
  • 1031 Exchange. The 1031 IRS rules are complex, but this method can defer taxes indefinitely. See the brochure Cantor Fitzgerald’s 1031 Exchange and DST Brochure from our strategic partner, Cantor Fitzgerald.
  • Deferred Sales Trust. Can defer taxes indefinitely on the sale of both real estate and the sale of a business. Even the part of a business gain attributed to “goodwill” can be deferred. See our link to Deferred Sales Trust.

Deferred Sales Trust Strategies

A Deferred Sales Trust has the potential to generate more money over the long run than a direct and taxed sale. This capital gains tax deferral tool could save you thousands of dollars, and at the same time, you would then have the opportunity to potentially make a profit on the money you would have paid to Uncle Sam in the year of the sale.

Reading Eagle: "Attorney Jeffrey F. Dorko announces partnership to help clients defer capital gains tax on the sale of their business or real estate" - April 29, 2017

Wyomissing, PA - Dorko Wealth & Estate Planning today announced a strategic partnership with Estate Planning Team and will offer their Deferred Sales Trust™ structure as part of the company's tax and estate planning services.

"We are very pleased that we can now offer an option for our clients to defer capital gains taxes whenever they sell highly appreciated assets," said Jeff Dorko.

"The Deferred Sales Trust™ strategy will help us better serve our growing clientele who are looking to minimize their tax liability and retain the use of their accumulated wealth."

Based on Section 453 of the IRS code and an application of what is commonly referred to as an "Installment Sale", the Deferred Sales Trust™ allows taxpayers to defer capital gains upon the sale of real estate, businesses and other highly appreciated assets.

"Unlike the 1031 exchange - which doesn't allow for much flexibility - the Deferred Sales Trust™ approach does not require reinvestment in like-kind property and thus provides a variety of potential investment and diversification options for the pretax proceeds held by the trust," said Mr. Dorko. "This approach can be structured for income, growth or a combination of the two. Trust funds can be used to purchase a variety of investments that are consistent with the taxpayer's risk tolerance, including bonds, stocks, mutual funds, annuities and REITs, among other things."

Estate Planning Team

Robert Binkele, CEO of the Estate Planning Team, Inc. (EPT) "Is pleased to have Dorko Wealth & Estate Planning and Attorney Jeffrey Dorko as well as financial advisor, Cheryl Dorko, join our team of professionals". Estate Planning Team is the exclusive licensor of the Deferred Sales Trust™. To receive an analysis to see how the Deferred Sales Trust™ could benefit you, go to

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