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CHERYL DORKO, Master Registered Financial Consultant
999 Berkshire Boulevard, Wyomissing, PA 19610

Wealth Manager Cheryl Dorko, MRFC has over 20 years of experience. She focuses her practice on 3 areas:

  • Tax-savvy investing
  • Retirement planning
  • Investing within Trusts


The average American today is faced with the probability of living longer and being retired longer than previous generations. Because of this, planning for retirement has become a challenge with significant consequences.

Wealth Management

Our clients include business owners & professionals, as well as our hardworking Berks County neighbors.

Attorney Jeffrey Dorko

As a team, Cheryl and Jeff Dorko are uniquely qualified to offer professional financial planning services as well as estate management.

What to Expect

With our introductory process, you can feel secure that you are making informed financial decisions.

Your complimentary initial consultation begins with us getting to know one another. We will listen to your goals and concerns, and answer your questions.

If you then decide to move forward, we use a step-by-step approach which can involve a separate meeting for each step. The result is that you fully understand each step and how it fits into the flexible Financial Plan we have developed together.


What makes us different?

At Dorko Wealth & Estate Planning our expertise lies in coordinating the details of your family’s financial “big picture” and helping you choose the appropriate investments and insurance products.

Who are our clients?

Our average Wealth Management client is concerned with making judicious financial decisions that are thoughtful and prudent. We work best with two types of investors:

  1. Investors that are interested in being educated on the solutions to their financial needs. This results in investors asking the right questions and being able to make a personal choice between various investment options.
  2. Investors who are busy with their professional and family lives. These investors need knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy advisors to take the reins while keeping them informed.