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Our Process

Throughout our process of working together, we spend the majority of the time getting to know your unique needs and goals so we can craft a strategy accordingly.

I. When You Call

When you contact us, your call or email will be answered by our friendly and efficient staff. They will schedule you for a brief phone consultation with our fiduciary advisor Cheryl Dorko. You will then receive an email with more information on our services, our background, and confirming your appointment.

II. Goals-Based Planning

We believe that financial planning is only useful if it’s centered on the client’s needs and goals.  In your first planning meeting, we will get to know one another. We will delve into your life goals and financial goals until we can articulate them clearly for you. We often uncover additional goals and priorities as we dig deeper.

III. Goals-Based Investing

The next step is to manage your investments and invest in a way that facilitates reaching your goals. As independent financial advisors, we make all our recommendations based on what’s best for you, free from inherent conflicts of interest or biases.

IV. Continuous Monitoring

We generally meet with clients biannually, and also communicate throughout the year with calls and emails to keep you up to date. We encourage you to call us with questions or worries or to update us about changes to your life and family.