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Like the adventurous dog, you're ready for retirement! You’ve worked hard, served your family loyally, and are now ready for the next phase of your life. You’re ready for belly rubs, long walks, and trips to the park! A dog knows that life is full of adventure, and good times waiting to be had. All you have to do is go out that front door and live your next adventure. You’re hungry for good times with friends, family, and loved ones and you don't want to worry about money. 

If you share some of the following concerns, our family-based team can help you!

Are you:

● Getting close to retirement and concerned about making critical and lasting decisions
with all the choices available to you?
● Worried about outliving your retirement savings?
● Wondering how much you will be able to spend on doing the things you love in
● Planning to pass on a vacation home or other asset to multiple generations of your
● Concerned about ensuring that the wealth you have created will be passed on for
generations to come?

A Note to Millennials and Gen X: 

Perhaps you are a pup whose next adventure isn’t retirement just yet. If you are changing jobs,
retiring, or have been laid off, selecting a distribution option for your 401(k) plan is a critical
decision.  Taking your distribution before evaluating your options can be
a costly mistake.

Are you:

● Inheriting Money?
● Exploring your distribution options?
● Deciding whether a rollover IRA is right for you?
● Concerned about avoiding the 20% withholding trap?

Make the time for financial training and education with Dorko Wealth & Estate Planning.  Our family can help you and your family!