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Wealth Management

As you look toward the future and outline goals for your life – whether a new vacation home, a comfortable retirement or leaving a lasting legacy for your family – it becomes clear that you will need a comprehensive plan to meet your objectives. 

A Path to Your Financial Success

We help you develop a blueprint for your financial future. Once the plan is developed, we have the tools necessary to build that plan. Due to the benefits of working with an independent broker/dealer, we also have access to almost any product or service in the financial realm.

You need…

  • An informed advocate for your financial affairs who engages you in meaningful dialogue about your life and your intentions.
  • An advisor who listens, observes and collaborates with you and your other team members.
  • Advice and conversations held in strict confidence.
  • A fair value for the fees you pay and complete transparency of cost.

We are…

  • A combination law firm and financial planning firm located in Wyomissing, PA offering wealth management and legal advice since 1992.
  • A fiduciary who serves you with skill, care, prudence and diligence through a disciplined and integrated process.
  • A multi-licensed team that collaborates with you as well as your other professional advisors.
  • A relationship-driven consultant that takes time to understand you, your family and the life you want to lead.

We provide…

  • Estate, gift and charitable planning
  • Investment advisory services
  • Risk management services and insurance
  • Alternative investments for high net worth investors
  • Deferred compensation planning
  • Coordination with your personal attorneys, investment advisors, insurance advisors, trustees, CPAs, etc.
  • Transaction analysis and coordination for potential sale of family business
  • Tax planning and preparation

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